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User Interface Overview

General overview

  1. Open Main Menu

  2. Go back home page (Current Bookings)

  3. Go to Current Bookings

  4. Go directly to “Find a V-Locker”

  5. Go to the main Settings page

  6. You can find these “Questionmarks” on several places in the app. Clicking on them you will find helpfull information about the current page.

  7. You can find the “Setting markings” on several places in the app. Clicking on them they will lead you to the corrsponding settings.

Main Menu

  1. Go to “Find a V-Locker”

  2. Go to “Bookings” - See also Bookings

  3. Go to “Subscription” - See also Subscriptions

  4. Go to “Free Hours” - See also Free Hours

  5. Go to “Payment History” - See also Payment History

  6. Go to “Settings” - See also Settings

  7. Go to “Support” - Find contact information and the FAQ.

  8. Go to “About this app” - Find general information about the app

  9. Logout from the account

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