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  • Click on the tab “Settings”

  • All setting options are visible

Account & Adress

  • Click on “Account” or on “Adress”

  • All data can be changed or supplemented

  • •All data can be changed or supplemented

My Facilities

  • Click on “My Facilities”

  • Select which V-Locker tower is used the most

  • V-Locker information on changes to the corresponding location is sent by e-mail.

Change password

  • Click on “Change password”

  • Password changes can be made

Payment methods

  • Click on “Payment methods”

  • All added payment methods are listed

  • Click “Add New Payment Method” to add a new one

  • Add payment method and follow the individual steps in the corresponding app/website


Click on “Notifications”

  • V-Locker messages are displayed in chronological order

  • Settings can be changed here

Legal conditions & App settings

Click on “Legal conditions” or on “App settings”

  • Detailed information on terms of use and data protection

  • Check personal app settings

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