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Payments & Free Hours

Payment history

Open the tab “Payment history”

  • Summary of payments made for each booking

  • "CHF / EUR" for the paid hours or "hour" for the redeemed free hours

  • A PDF-invoice can be generated for the paid hours by clicking on “Invoice” in the according payment.

  • On top you can change to “Bookings” where you will find a summary of the bookings made

Free Hours

Free hours can be used to pay your bookings.

Claim free hours

  • Open the tab “Free Hours”

  • Free hours are displayed

  • To redeem a voucher, click on "Redeem free lessons with voucher"

  • Enter voucher code in the field

  • Click on "Use voucher"

Give Free Hours

  • Open the tab “Free Hours”

  • Free hours are displayed

  • Click on "Give free hours" to give away free hours

  • Click on "Invite now"

  • Enter e-mail

  • Click on "Invite"

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