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A booking is the digital manifestation of a box beeing allocated to you. A booking can be started from anywhere in the world and can last as long as you desire. A booking needs to be terminated after using.

Find active bookings

  • Open the tab “Bookings”

  • In “My bookings” all your active bookings are listed

  • In “Shared with me” you will find booking from other users who have shared their booking with you

Create booking

  • Open the tab “Bookings”

  • Click on “Find a V-Locker”

  • Green points indicateing the V-Locker facilities

  • Click on the favoured V-Locker facility

Make sure “Allow location sharing” is set.

  • Available boxes are visible

  • Click on "Book" for hourly bookings

Click on "Subscribe" for hourly packages, explenation see Subscriptions.

  • Click “Start Booking” to book your box

If you have a subscription on this facility, use “Use subscription” instead.

Interact with the tower

  • Go to current bookings and click on your booking

  • The parking costs are displayed

  • Click on "Open doors"

"Share access" if the booking is shared with another person. See “Share booking

  • Wait until the doors have opened

  • If the door does not open, click on "Reload" or contact support

  • As soon as the doors are opened, the payment period begins

  • The booking can still be cancelled within 5 minutes

  • Stow your bike and luggage safely

  • Click on "Close doors"

  • Wait until the doors are closed completely

Terminate booking

  • Open your current booking and click on “Terminate booking”

Make sure you took out all your bellongings out of the box before you terminate the booking.

Pay booking

  • Costs and parking time are displayed

  • If free hours are available, click on "Box"

  • Enter free hours for payment in the box

  • Click on "Next”

  • If no free hours are available, "Select payment method"

To add payment method see here.

  • The app/website of the corresponding payment provider opens

  • Follow instruction

  • Payment successful, booking completed

  • Check whether the doors have closed

  • "Click on "Understood

Share booking

  • Open your current booking and click on “Share access”

  • Insert email you want to share with

  • "Click on "Share

  • Click on "Understood

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