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What is V-Locker?

V-Locker is a unique bicycle/e-bike parking system. The new form of parking provides absolutely secure boxes (lockers) including storage compartment for accessories and luggage with maximum comfort. The system is operated entirely via the V-Locker APP.

Where can I get the V-Locker app?

Search for "V-Locker App" in the mobile app store or go to The App is free of charge.

How do I use the V-Locker without an app?

You cannot use V-Locker without the app.

There is no tower near me! How do I wish for a tower?

In the app, you can wish for a V-Locker by going into the map mode (search a V-Locker) and tapping on the little building icon on the bottom left of the screen.

Why do I have to pay to use V-Locker?

V-Locker offers bicycle parking boxes with unique additional services. The Boxes are theft-proof. They also have a storage compartment for helmet, rain cover and luggage. V-Locker is a new kind of service and encourages more people to use their bike and improves order and safety in public areas. This infrastructure costs to build and to operate.

Is there a charge to have a V-Locker account?

No. You only pay for the time you have booked a box in a facility.

Do I need to deposit money /have a credit card in my V-Locker account to use it?

No. At the end of each booking, you will be able to choose the payment method you wish to use.

Why do I have to add a payment method before I start my first booking?

For security reasons, we need to have a payment method on record before you start a new booking.

Which payment method are available?

At the moment you can choose from Credit Card (Master, Visa, Amex, etc.), Paypal and GiroPay. GiroPay is only accepted in Germany and requires a minimum of € 1.00 to book.

Is my credit card data safe?

Yes. V-Locker do not touch your payment data. We work with external payment providers that are subject to the strongest security levels for the finance industry. V-Locker cannot see your payment method data (such as credit card number or your PayPal login information). We just exchange transactional information with the payment provider. Check our data privacy policy to find out more.

Why do I have to confirm my telephone and E-Mail?

For security reasons we have to make sure that each registration is unique to a person. Telephone numbers and e-mails help us verify this.

How do I know how much I will pay at the end of my booking?

Since we do not know when you will terminate your booking, we cannot tell you how much you will pay for it. But the app displays the elapsed time of a booking and the current costs at all times. You can also calculate the costs, since the information of how much an hour costs can be seen before a booking is started.

Can I reserve a box in advance?

No, but you can book it at any time from anywhere. This is in a way a reservation that you pay for.

Does my bike fit in a V-Locker?

V-Locker cannot fit custom bikes. Please check the designation from each facility to make sure you can park your bike with us. The maximum load weight is: 50 kg per box.

Who do I contact if I have problems with a facility?

Please contact our support: +800 8600 0068 or by e-mail: We are there for you on weekdays from 7-19 hrs.

The app is not working properly! What to do?

Our teams are working constantly to find and eliminate bugs. If you find something that is not working, please share with us per e-mail to And we will correct it as soon as possible. As with everything with computers, please try restarting the app, it always helps… :-)

I have a suggestion for a new feature, who can I turn to?

Thank you! We would love to implement things that our users want! We have a long roadmap of features we think you will enjoy, but maybe there is something we still didn’t think of. Please write your suggestion per e-mail to

What is share a box?

With share a box, you can give access to your box to another V-Locker user. You can use that to lend your bike to someone, or allow them to deposit something in the box or retrieve something from the box. Please be aware that you are responsible for what happens inside the box when you share it. Do not share a box with strangers!

I want to open the tower and the doors do not respond!

Close the booking and app and restart the app and call up the corresponding booking. Click on "Open". If that does not help, call the hotline number +800 8600 0068 and we will assist you.

I want to close the tower and the doors do not respond!

Check that your bicycle and luggage are correctly stored in the v-box and do not protrude to the door, otherwise they will not close. Then, check that no other object is protruding into the door or blocking it. Check how heavy your bike and all the luggage weighs. A maximum of 50 kg is allowed. If the bike is heavier than this, the system will block for safety reasons. Close the booking and app and restart the app and call up the corresponding booking. Click on "Open". If there does not help, call the hotline number +800 8600 0068 and we will assist you.

Is V-Locker also available in my area/city/town?

Check the map of the app for the newest locations, you can also use the function “wish a V-Locker” by taping on the building on the lower right corner of the map screen.

How do I choose the desired V-Locker at my destination?

After starting the app, you will get a map view with V-Locker facilities in the area. Click to select the desired location. Alternatively, you can enter the desired destination or use the list view to find the closest facilities.

How long can I occupy the bike box?

There is no maximum time for parking, but be aware of the costs. We will issue you a reminder if we think that a booking is open longer than necessary.

I have emptied my box but left something and want to open it again. What can I do?

Select the relevant booking in the app and "Open" again. Then make sure you have removed everything and close the box, after closing it, you can tap on "Terminate booking" to finalize it and settle the costs.

I terminated my booking by mistake! / I forgot something in the box and terminated my booking already! What should I do?

Call the hotline number +800 8600 0068 and we will assist you.

I dropped an object in the gap between the v-box and the construction, what can I do?

Call our support no: +800 8600 0068 or email us at and let us know:

  • What you have lost 

  • Location and no. of the facility 

  • Time window of the booking / use of the facility 

  • Your contact address 

My credit card/payment method is not responding and I cannot terminate the booking. What can I do?

Please, double check the number and all details of your account / card number. If this does not help, please try another payment method (please note that GiroPay only works from an invoice amount of € 1.00). If nothing else works, please contact support and we will help you.

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